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RedHat Next Generation Electronically Enhanced Solenoid Valve Technology
RedHat Next Generation is the future of solenoid valve technology, designed and manufactured to
provide new capabilities. The Next Generation of solenoid valves provides lower operating cost, and
represents an advancement in the performance, reliability, and ruggedness that you have come to
expect from ASCO.
Electronics technology to manage power
RedHat Next Generation valves use electronics technology to manage power, providing a new standard of operation.
The solenoid incorporates a power management circuit providing lower power consumption, enhanced pressure and
flow ratings, and electrical surge suppression to both the solenoid and electronic controls.
Only 2 watts of power
The new solenoid draws only 2 watts of power. A conventional solenoid with the same performance can draw as high as 17
watts of power. The savings in power usage over the installed life of the valve will lower the total cost of ownership up to 14%.
Increased DC performance
The new technology accepts both AC and DC voltages without sacrificing flow or pressure specifications. DC performance
has been increased by 150% to 500% from today’s industry standards, making the valves’ DC characteristics equivalent to
AC pressure and flow values. This simplifies your control by eliminating the need for AC output cards, reduces wiring costs,
and provides safer working environments for users operating on DC.
RedHat Next Generation coils are offered in three voltage ranges covering most electrical requirements – 100-240/AC or DC,
24-120/AC or DC, or 12-24/DC. Each coil has built-in electrical surge suppression that protects the coil
from external voltage spikes and eliminates inductive voltage spikes associated
with conventional solenoids. An optional solenoid is available for use
in Class I, Division 2 hazardous locations.
Rugged Design
ASCO RedHat Next Generation addresses many other operating
characteristics that will further improve the life of your solenoid
valves. These include a much lower temperature rise, and an
increase in valve ambient temperature rating to 140°F/60°C.
Because of our confidence in the rugged design of the RedHat
Next Generation solenoids, ASCO is pleased to extend a 3-year
warranty on the coils.

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