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Level Measuring Instrument Overview

Product Instrument > SIEMENS > Field Instruments for Process Automation Systems
  • Electromechanical Switch

Rotating and vibrating point level switch are a cost-effective solution
for solids and liquids applications. Their robust design lasts in harsh
and abrasive environments..

  • Ultrasonic Switch

An ultrasonic level switch with two switch points, effective in
bulk solids, liquids and slurries and is ideal for sticky materials.

  • Capacitance Switch

Pointek inverse frequency shift capacitance point level switches
provide accurate, reliable and repeatable measurement in dusty,
turbulent and vaporous environments or product buildup.

  • Ultrasonic Transmitter

Available either a reliable compact transmitter or advanced control
solutions integrators which available with remotely mounted non-contacting
ultrasonic transducers.

  • Radar Transmitter

Even in harsh process conditions, radar transmitters are virtually unaffected.
Non-contacting technology means low maintenance and provides reliable
level measurement.

  • Capacitance Transmitter

Unique inverse frequency shift technology ensures accurate,
reliable and repeatable measurement. With Active-shield
technology and modular probe options available.

  • Hydrostatic Transmitter

Low-cost level measurement for direct mounting or mounting
with remote seals on tanks and vessels. Can handle extremely
chemical and mechanical loads.

  • Ultrasonic Flow Controller

High accuracy for open chanel flow monitoring in
water/wastewater and plant effluent applications.

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