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Pressure Measuring Instrument Overview

Product Instrument > SIEMENS > Field Instruments for Process Automation Systems
  • Single-range Transmitter

For gauge, absolute and differential pressure measurement.
Two types of pressure sensors are used, a stainless steel sensor
and a sensor with ceramic diaphragm.

  • Transmitter with Digital Display

Stainless steel enclosure and process connection. Provided with
10:1 turndown and a digital display, available either radial or
axial alignment.

  • Transmitter with Sanitary Connection

For special requirements of the food and beverage, pharmaceutical
and biotechnology industries. CIP & SIP are standard practice.

  • Transmitter in Stainless Steel Body

Offer measuring precision, ruggedness and advance operation
and meets the requirement of the EHEDG, FDA and 3A.

  • Transmitter with Diagnostic Function

A convenient key operation device, within a range of 1 mbar to 400 bar.
It works well with extremely chemical and mechanical loads.

  • Remote Seal Diaphragms

Extended of measuring possibilities by a wide range of remote seals.
Various diaphragm materials and filling liquids as options.

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